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He, Y.; Petryk, M.; Liu, Z.; Chica, D. G.; Hadar, I.; Leak, C.; Ke, W.; Spanopoulos, I.; Lin, W.; Chung, D. Y.; Wessels, B. W.; He, Z.; Kanatzidis, M. G., CsPbBr3 perovskite detectors with 1.4% energy resolution for high-energy γ-rays.” Nature Photonics 2021, 15 (1), 36-42. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1038​/​s​41566​-​020​-​00727-1 

Lopes, P.; Chung, Dong Young; Rui, Xue; Zheng, Hong; He, Haiying; Farinazzo Bergamo Dias Martins, Pedro; Strmcnik, Dusan; Stamenkovic, Vojislav; Zapol, Peter; Mitchell, J.F.; Klie, Robert; Markovic, Nenad. Dynamically stable active sites from surface evolution of perovskite materials during the oxygen evolution reaction.” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2021. https://​dx​.doi​.org/​10​.​1021​/​j​a​c​s​.​0​c​08959 

Lin, J. Q.; Arribi, P. V.; Fabbris, G.; Botana, A. S.; Meyers, D.; Miao, H.; Shen, Y.; Mazzone, D. G.; Feng, J.; Chiuzbaian, S. G.; Nag, A.; Walters, A. C.; Garcia-Fernandez, M.; Zhou, K.-J.; Pelliciari, J.; Jarrige, I.; Freeland, J. W.; Zhang, J.; Mitchell, J. F.; Bisogni, V.; Liu, X.; Norman, M. R.; Dean, M. P. M. Strong Superexchange in a d9 Nickelate Revealed by Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering.” Phys. Rev. Lett. 2020 (in press).

Chun, S. H.; Stavropoulos, P. P.; Kee, H.-Y.; Sala, M. M.; Kim, J.; Kim, J.-W.; Kim, B. J.; Mitchell, J. F.; Kim, Y.-J. Optical Magnons with Dominant Bond-Directional Exchange Interactions in a Honeycomb Lattice Iridate α-Li2IrO3.” Phys. Rev. B. 2021 (in press).


Zhang, J.; Phelan, D.; Botana, A. S.; Chen, Y.-S.; Zheng, H.; Krogstad, M.; Wang, S. G.; Qiu, Y.; Rodriguez-Rivera, J. A.; Osborn, R.; Rosenkranz, S.; Norman, M. R.; Mitchell, J. F. Intertwined Density Waves in a Metallic Nickelate.” Nat. Commun. 2020, 11 (1), 6003https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1038​/​s​41467​-​020​-​19836-0 

Ning, W.; Bao, J.; Puttisong, Y.; Moro, F.; Kobera, L.; Shimono, S.; Wang, L.; Ji, F.; Cuartero, M.; Kawaguchi, S.; Abbrent, S.; Ishibashi, H.; De Marco, R.; Bouianova, I. A.; Crespo, G. A.; Kubota, Y.; Brus, J.; Chung, D. Y.; Sun, L.; Chen,W. M.; Kanatzidis, M.; Gao F. Magnetizing Lead-Free Halide Double Perovskites” Sci. Adv.2020, 6 : eabb5381-1-8https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1126​/​s​c​i​a​d​v​.​a​b​b5381   
Wang, B-X.; Zheng, H.; Krivyakina, E.; Chmaissem, O.; Papa Lopes, P.; Lynn, J.; Gallington, L.C.; Ren, Y.; Rosenkranz, S.; Mitchell, J. F.; Phelan, D. Synthesis and characterization of bulk Nd1-xSrxNiO2 and Nd1-xSrxNiO3Phys. Rev. M 2020, 4, 084409. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1103​/​P​h​y​s​R​e​v​M​a​t​e​r​i​a​l​s​.​4​.​084409 

Yang, L.; Koch, R. J.; Zheng, H.; Mitchell, J.F.; Yin, W.; Tucker, M. G.; Billinge, S. J. L.; Bozin, E. S. Two-Orbital Degeneracy Lifted State as a Local Precursor to a Metal-Insulator Transition.” Phys. Rev. B 2020, 102, 236128. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1103​/​P​h​y​s​R​e​v​B​.​102​.​235128

Ghimire, N.J.; Dally, R.L.; Poudel, L.; Jones, D.C.; Michel, D.; Magar, N.T.; Bluel, M.; McGuire, M.A.; Jiang, J.S.; Mitchell, J.F.; Lynn, J.W.; Mazin, I.I. Competing magnetic phases and fluctuation-driven scalar chirality in the kagome metal YMn6Sn6.” Sci. Advances 2020; 6:eabe2680 https://​doi​.org/ 10.1126/sciadv.abe2680

Zhang, J.; Zheng, H.; Chen, Y-S.; Ren, Y.; Yonemura, M.; Huq, A.; Mitchell, J. F High oxygen pressure floating zone growth and crystal structure of the metallic nickelates R4Ni3O10 (R=La,Pr)” Phys. Rev. M 2020, 4, 083402. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1103​/​P​h​y​s​R​e​v​M​a​t​e​r​i​a​l​s​.​4​.​083402 

He, X.; Waldman, R.; Mandia, D.; Jeon, N.; Zaluzec, N.; Borkiewicz, O.; Ruett, U.; Darling, S.; Martinson, A. B. F.; Tiede, D. Resolving the Atomic Structure of Sequential Infiltration Synthesis Derived Inorganic Clusters” ACS Nano 2020, 14, 14846-14860https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1021​/​a​c​s​n​a​n​o​.​0​c​03848

Hackler, R.; Pandharkar, R.; Ferrandon, M.; Kim, I. S.; Vermeulen, N.; Gallington, L.; Chapman, K.; Farha, O.; Cramer, C.; Sauer, J.; Gagliardi, L.; Martinson, A. B. F.; Delferro, M. Isomerization and Selective Hydrogenation of Propyne: Screening of Metal-Organic Frameworks Modified by Atomic Layer Deposition” J. Am. Chem Soc. 2020, 142, 20380-20389. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1021​/​j​a​c​s​.​0​c​08641

Khan, M. A.; Chang, P.-H.; Ghimire, N.; Bretz-Sullivan, T. M.; Bhattacharya, A.; Jiang, J. S.; Singleton, J.; Mitchell, J. F. Fermi Surface Topology and Nontrivial Berry Phase in the Flat-Band Semimetal Pd3Pb,” Phys Rev B 2020, 101(24), 245113. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1103​/​p​h​y​s​r​e​v​b​.​101​.​245113.

Zheng, H.; Wang, B-X., Phelan, D.; Zheng, J.; Ren, Y.; Krogstad, M.J.; Rosenkranz, R.; Osborn, R.; Mitchell, J. F. Oxygen inhomogeneity and reversibility in single crystal LaNiO3Crystals 2020, 10, 557. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​3390​/​c​r​y​s​t​10070557

Upton, M.; Zhang, J.; Zheng, H.; Said, A.; Mitchell, J.F Electronic coupling in square planar La4Ni3O8J. Phys. Cond. Matt. 2020, 32, 425503. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1088​/​1361​-​648​x​/​a​ba314

Cai, W.; W. Lin; Yan, Y.; Hilleke, K. P.; Coles, J.; Bao, J.-K.; Xu, J.; Zhang, D.; Chung, D. Y.; Kanatzidis, M. G.; Zurek, E.; Deemyad, S. Pressure-induced superconductivity in the wide band gap semiconductor Cu2Br2Se6 with a robust framework” Chem. Mater. 202032, 6237-6246https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1021​/​a​c​s​.​c​h​e​m​m​a​t​e​r​.​0​c​02151

Slade, T. J.; Pal, K.; Grovogui J. A.; Bailey, T. P.; Male, J.; Khoury, J. F.; Zhou, X.; Chung, D. Y.; Snyder, G. J.; Uher, C.; Dravid, V. P.; Wolverton, C.; Kanatzidis, M. G. Contrasting SnTe–NaSbTe2 and SnTe–NaBiTe2 thermoelectric alloys: high performance facilitated by increased cation vacancies and lattice softening” J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 2020142, 12524-12535https://​dx​.doi​.org/​10​.​1021​/​j​a​c​s​.​0​c​05650

Cai, H.; Srinivasan, S.; Czaplewski, D.; Martinson, A. B. F.; Gosztola, D.; Stan, L.; Loeffler, T.; Sankaranarayanan, S. K. R. S.; Lopez, D. Inverse design of metasurfaces with non-local interactions” npj Comput Mater 2020, 6, 116https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1038​/​s​41524​-​020​-​00369-5

Ma, X.; Li, C.; Martinson, A. B. F.; Voth, G. A. Water Assisted Proton Transport in Confined Nanochannels” J. Phys. Chem. C 2020, 124, 29, 16186https:/

Tiede, D. M.; Kwon, G.; He, X.; Mulfort, K. L.; Martinson, A. B. F. Characterizing Electronic and Atomic Structures for Amorphous and Molecular Metal Oxide Catalysts at Functional Interfaces by Combining Soft X-ray Spectroscopy and High-Energy X-ray Scattering” Nanoscale 2020, 12, 13276. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1039​/​D​0​N​R​02350G

Noh, H.; Jeon, N.; Martinson, A. B. F.; Hupp, J. T. Stabilization of Low Valent Zirconium Nitrides in Titanium Nitride via Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition and Assessment of Electrochemical Properties” ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 2020, 3, 5095https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1021​/​a​c​s​a​e​m​.​0​c​00428

Shabbir, H.; Pellizzeri, S.; Ferrandon, M.; Kim, I. S.; Vermeulen, N. A.; Farha, O. K.; Delferro, M.; Martinson, A. B. F.; Getman, R. B. Influence of spin state and electron configuration on the active site and mechanism for catalytic hydrogenation on metal cation catalysts supported on NU-1000: insights from experiments and microkinetic modeling” Catal. Sci. Technol. 2020, 10, 3594.https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1039​/​D​0​C​Y​00394H

Guo, P.; Xia, Y.; Gong, J.; Cao, D. H.; Li, X.; Zhang, Q.; Stoumpos, C. C.; Kirschner, M. S.; Wen, H.; Prakapenka, V. B.; Ketterson, J. B.; Martinson, A. B. F.; Xu, T., Kanatzidis, M. G.; Chan, M. K. Y; Schaller, R. D. Direct observation of bandgap oscillations induced by optical phonons in hybrid lead iodide perovskites” Adv. Funct. Mater. 202030, 22, 1907982https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1002​/​a​d​f​m​.​201907982

Kim, I. S.; Ahn, S; Vermeulen, N. A.; Webber, T. E.; Gallington, L. C.; Chapman, K. W.; Penn, R. L.; Hupp, J. T.; Farha, O. K.; Notestein, J. M.; Martinson, A. B. F. The Synthesis Science of Targeted Vapor-Phase Metal–Organic Framework Post-Modification” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142, 242https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1021​/​j​a​c​s​.​9​b​10034

Bukola, S.; Cao, D.; Martinson, A. B. F.; Creager, S. ALD Alumina Effects on Proton Transmission through Single-Layer Graphene in Electrochemical Hydrogen Pump Cells” ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 2020, 3, 2, 1364https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1021​/​a​c​s​a​e​m​.​9​b​01775

Mannodi-Kanakkithodi, A.; Park, J.; Martinson, A. B. F.; Chan, M. K. Y. Defect Energetics in Pseudo-Cubic Mixed Halide Lead Perovskites from First-Principles” J. Phys. Chem. C 2020 ASAPhttps://​doi​.org/​10​.​1021​/​a​c​s​.​j​p​c​c​.​0​c​02486

Tenasini, G.; Martino, E.; Ubrig, N.; Ghimire, N. J.; Berger, H.; Zaharko, O.; Wu, F.; Mitchell, J. F.; Martin, I.; Forró, L.; Morpurgo, A. F. Giant Anomalous Hall Effect in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Layered Antiferromagnet Co1/3NbS2,” Phys Rev Res 2020, 2(2), 023051. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1103​/​p​h​y​s​r​e​v​r​e​s​e​a​r​c​h​.​2​.​023051.

Pajerowski, D.; Escanhoela, C.; Haskel, D.; Prisk, T.; Frontzek, M.; Phelan, D.; Mihalik, M. Nd Ordering, Cluster Formation, and the Origin of Negative Magnetization in NdMn0.8Fe0.2O3,” J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 2020, 497, 165968https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1016​/​j​.​j​m​m​m​.​2019​.​165968

Chen, H.; Wang, Y.-D.; Nie, Z.; Li, R.; Cong, D.; Liu, W.; Ye, F.; Liu, Y.; Cao, P.; Tian, F.; Shen, X.; Yu, R.; Vitos, L.; Zhang, M.; Li, S.; Zhang, X.; Zheng, H.; Mitchell, J.F.; Ren, Y. Unprecedented Non-Hysteretic Superelasticity of [001]-Oriented NiCoFeGa Single Crystals,”  Nature Mater. 2020.  https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1038​/​s​41563​-​020​-​0645-4

Tepavcevic, S.; Zheng, H.; Hinks, D.G.; Key, B.; Ward, L.; Lu, Z.; Stoumpos, C.; Ren, Y.; Freeland, J.W.; Wolverton, C.; Phillips, P.; Klie, R.; Mitchell, J.F.; Markovic, N.M. Fundamental Insights from a Single Crystal Sodium Iridate Battery,” Adv. Energy Mater. 2020, 10, 1903128. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1002​/​a​e​n​m​.​201903128

Khoury, J.F; Rettie, A.J.E.; Robredo, I.; Krogstad, M.J.; Malliakas, C.D.; Bergara, A.; Vergniory, M.G.; Osborn, R.; Rosenkranz, S.; Chung, D.Y.; Kanatzidis, M.G. The Subchalcogenides Ir2In8Q (Q = S, Se, Te):  Dirac Semimetal Candidates with Re-entrant Structural Modulation,” J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 2020, 142(13), 6312-6323.  https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1021​/​j​a​c​s​.​0​c​00809

Chen, J.; Feng, H.L.; Matsushita, Y.; Belik, A.A.; Tsujimoto, Y.; Tanaka, M.; Chung, D.Y.; Yamaura, K. Study of Polycrystalline Bulk Sr3OsO6 Double-Perovskite Insulator:  Comparison with 1000 K Ferromagnetic Epitaxial Films,” Inorg. Chem. 2020, 59(6), 4049-4057. https://​Idoi​.org/​10​.​1021​/​a​c​s​.​i​n​o​r​g​c​h​e​m​.​0​c​00029

Koumoulis, D.; Fang, L.; Chung, D.Y.; Kanatzidis, M.G.; Bouchard, L.-S. Evolution of Nontrivial Fermi Surface Features in the Band Structures of Homologous Members Pb5Bi6Se14 and Pb5Bi12Se23,” Phys. Rev. B 2020, 101(11), 115309. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1103​/​P​h​y​s​R​e​v​B​.​101​.​115309

Vlasko-Vlasov, V.K.; Welp, U.; Koshelev, A.E.; Smylie, M.; Bao, J.-K.; Chung, D.Y.; Kanatzidis, M.G.; Kwok, W.-K. Cooperative Response of Magnetism and Superconductivity in Superconductor RbEuFe4As4,” Phys. Rev. B 2020, 101(10), 1045040. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1103​/​P​h​y​s​R​e​v​B​.​101​.​104504

Willa, K.; Smylie, M.P.; Simsek, Y.; Bao, J.-K.; Chung, D.Y.; Kanatzidis, M.G.; Kwok, W.-K.; Welp, U. Magnetic and Superconducting Anisotropy in Ni-Doped RbEuFe4As4 Single Crystals,” Phys. Rev. B 2020, 101(6), 064508.  https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1103​/​P​h​y​s​R​e​v​B​.​101​.​064508

Chica, D.G.; He, Y.H.; McCall, K.M.; Chung, D.Y.; Pak, R.O.; Trimarchi, G.; Liu, Z.F.; De Lurgio, P.M.; Wessels, B.W.; Kanatzidis, M.G. Direct Thermal Neutron Detection by the 2D Semiconductor 6LiInP2Se6,” Nature 2020, 577(7790), 346-349. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1038​/​s​41586​-​019​-​1886-8


Zheng, H.; Zhang, J.; Wang, B.; Phelan, D.; Krogstad, M.; Ren, Y.; Phelan, W.; Chmaissem, O.; Poudel, B.; Mitchell, J.F. High pO2 Floating Zone Crystal Growth of the Perovskite Nickelate PrNiO3,” Crystals 2019, 9(7), 324. (Invited Article).  https://​doi​.org/​10​.​3390​/​c​r​y​s​t​9070324

Zhang, J.J.; Pajerowski, D.M.; Botana, A.S.; Zheng, H.; Harriger, L.; Rodriguez-Rivera, J.; Ruff, J.P.C.; Schreiber, N.J.; Wang, B.; Chen, Y.-S.; Chen, W.C.; Norman, M.R.; Rosenkranz, S.; Mitchell, J.F.; Phelan, D.“Spin Stripe Order in a Square Planar Trilayer Nickelate,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 2019, 122(24), 247201.  https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1103​/​P​h​y​s​R​e​v​L​e​t​t​.​122​.​247201

Zhao, Q.; Sim, J.H.; Zhang, Z.; Su, H.; Han, F.; Zhang, Q.; Tian, B.; Xu, Q.; Han, M.J.; Duan, C.G.; Mitchell, J.F. Tetrahedral Coordination and Low-Spin Configuration in a 5d Oxide,” Phys. Rev. Mater. 2019, 3(6), 063607https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1103​/​P​h​y​s​R​e​v​M​a​t​e​r​i​a​l​s​.​3​.​063607

Khan, M.A.; Zhang, Q.; Bao, J-K.; Fishman, R.S.; Botana, A.S.; Choi, Y.; Fabbris, G.; Haskel, D.; Singleton, J.; Mitchell, J.F. Steplike Metamagnetic Transitions in a Honeycomb Lattice Antiferromagnet, Tb2Ir3Ga9,”  Phys. Rev. Mater. 2019, 3(11), 114411. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1103​/​P​h​y​s​R​e​v​M​a​t​e​r​i​a​l​s​.​3​.​114411

Wang, B.-X.; Zheng, H.; Ren, Y.; Krogstad, M.; Mitchell, J.F.; Phelan, D. Single Crystal Growth of Relaxor Ferroelectric Ba2PrFeNb4O15 by the Optical Floating Zone Method,” Cryst. Growth & Design 2019, 19(12), 7249-7256. https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1021​/​a​c​s​.​c​g​d​.​9​b​01147

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Bozin, E.; Yin, W.; Koch, R.; Abeykoon, M.; Hor, Y.; Zheng, H.; Lei, H.; Petrovic, C.; Mitchell, J.F.; Billinge, S. Local Orbital Degeneracy Lifting as a Precursor to an Orbital-Selective Peierls Transition,” Nature Commun. 2019, 10, 3638https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1038​/​s​41467​-​019​-​11372-w

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