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Physical Chemistry

Argonne maintains a wide-ranging science and technology portfolio that seeks to address complex challenges in interdisciplinary and innovative ways. Below is a list of all articles, highlights, profiles, projects, and organizations related specifically to physical chemistry.

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  • Heavy Element Chemistry and Separation Science Groups

    Insights into heavy element structural chemistries, both in solution and in the solid state, are informing fundamental behaviors relevant to inorganic, physical, and materials chemistries, as well as separations and environmental sciences.
  • Yuri Alexeev

    Yury Alekseev focuses on parallelization and optimization of codes for modern supercomputers.
  • Graham D. Fletcher

    Graham Fletcher has a background in quantum chemistry and supercomputing. His research interests focus on the development of highly scalable methods and algorithms for the accurate and reliable prediction of chemical phenomena.
  • Jerry E. Hunt

    Jerry Hunt is the associate division director for operations in the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division and a staff scientist at Argonne National Laboratory.
  • Catalysis

    The scientific achievements of the catalysis science program will help to enable the efficient use of natural resources, such as light alkanes (i.e., methane, ethane, propane, butane), as precursors of fuels for transportation and commodity chemicals.