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Materials Science

Topological Materials

Our current research focuses on topological semi-metals and superconductors, as well as novel 2D layered materials that exhibit extreme magneto-resistance (XMR).

Materials of interest include the XMR 2D semi-metal WTe2, the topological Dirac semi-metal Cd3As2, and topological superconductors such as SrxBi2Se3, NbxBi2Se3 and Sn1-xInxTe.

(a) Crystal structure of NbxBi2Se3. Nb-atoms intercalate into the van der Waals gap between quintuple Bi2Se3 layers. (b) Top view of the Bi-and Se-layers defining the in-plane x-and y-directions. (c) Schematic of the amplitude of the superconducting order parameter revealing point nodes along the y-