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Wai-Kwong Kwok




Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics, Purdue University

B.A. in Physics and Mathematics, Kenyon College

Professional Experience

2018- Present   Fellow, Northwestern Argonne Institute for Science and Engineering  (NAISE)

2017 - Present   Argonne Distinguished Fellow

2011 - Present   Adjunct professor, University of Notre Dame       

Aug 2007 - Present Senior Physicist, Materials Science Division

Oct  2001 - Present Group Leader, Superconductivity & Magnetism Group

May 1994 - Jul 2007 Physicist, Materials Science Division

Dec 1988 - Apr 1994 Assistant Physicist, Materials Science Division

Sep 1988 - Dec 1988 Term Assistant Physicist, Argonne National Laboratory

Dec 1987 - Sep 1988 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory

Selected Awards

American Physical Society Outstanding Referee Award (2019)

Fellow of the American Physical Society, 1999

University of Chicago Outstanding Accomplishment Award, 1998

Department of Energy Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Materials Science, 1997

Department of Energy Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Materials Science, 1990

Selected Professional Activities

Co-Associate Director and co-Theme Leader for the EFRC on Center for Emergent Superconductivity (Aug. 2014 - 2018)

Theme Leader of Vortex/Critical Current for the EFRC on Center for Emergent Superconductivity (Aug. 2009-2014)

Contributor to Report on DoE-BES Basic Research Needs Report on Quantum Materials (Feb 2016)

Co-Chair on DoE-BES Workshop on Basic Research Needs for Superconductivity (May 2006)

Editor, Physica C, 2003- 2015

Research Interests

Topological Materials 

Nanoscale superconductors and magnets

Vortex matter in superconductors

Highly correlated electrons in metals

Physics of granular matter

Research Supervision

12 Ph.d, diplome students and postdocs supervised since 1990

Supervised over 25 undergraduate science majors in the Science and Engineering Research Semester (SERS) program supported by the DOE-Division of Educational Programs since 1985.

Selected Recent Publications

of 371 in refereed journals; 16,227 career citations, 43 citations/paper (average), h-index = 63.

(1) Orbital Flop in Rare Earth Monopnictide CeSb, Jing Xu, Fengcheng Wu, Jinke Bao, Fei Han, Zhi-Li Xiao, Ivar Martin, Yang-Yang Lyu, Yong-Lei Wang, Duck Young Chung, Mingda Li, Wei Zhang, John E. Pearson, Jidong S. Jiang, Mercouri G. Kanatzidis, and Wai-Kwong Kwok, Nature Communications 10, 2875 (2019)

(2) Strong Coupling between Magnons and Microwave Photons in On-Chip Ferromagnet-Superconductor Thin-Film Devices, Yi Li, Tomas Polakovic, Yong-Lei Wang, Jing Xu, Sergi Lendinez, Zhizhi Zhang, Junjia Ding, Trupti Khaire, Hilal Saglam, Ralu Divan, John Pearson, Wai-Kwong Kwok, Zhili Xiao, Valentine Novosad, Axel Hoffmann, and Wei Zhang, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 107701 (2019)

(3) Strongly fluctuating moments in the high-temperature magnetic superconductor RbEuFe4As4K. Willa, R. Willa, J.-K. Bao, A. E. Koshelev, M. G. Kanatzidis, W. -K. Kwok, and U. Welp, Phys. Rev. B 99, 180502(R) (2019)

(4) Disorder Raises the Critical Temperature of a Cuprate Superconductor, Maxime Leroux, Vivek Mishra, Jacob P.C. Ruff, Helmut Claus, Matthew P. Smylie, Chirstine Opagiste, Pierre Rodiere, Asghar Kayani, G. D. Gu, John M. Tranquada, Wai-Kwong Kwok, Zahirul Islam, and Ulrich Welp.  PNAS 116 (22), 10691 (2019)

(5) Self-induced Magnetic Flux Structure in the Magnetic Superconductor RbEuFe4As4, V. K. Vlasko-Vlasov, A. E. Koshelev, M. Smylie, J.-K. Bao, D. Y. Chung, M. G. Kanatzidis, U. Welp, and  W.- K. Kwok, Physical Review B 99, 134503 (2019).

(6) Nanocalorimetric Evidence for Nematic Superconductivity in the Doped Topological Insulator Sr0.1Bi2Se3Kristin Willa, Roland Willa, Kok Wee Song, G. D. Gu, John A. Schneeloch, Ruidan Zhong, Alexei E. Koshelev, Wai-Kwong Kwok, and Ulrich Welp, Physical Review B 98, 184509 (2018)

(7) Anisotropic superconductivity and magnetism in single-crystal RbEuFe4As4M. P. Smylie, K. Willa, J. -K. Bao, K. Ryan, Z. Islam, H. Claus, Y. Simsek, Z. Diao, A. Rydh, A. E. Koshelev, W. -K. Kwok, D. Y. Chung, M. G. Kanatzidis and U. Welp,  Physical Review B 98, 104503. (2018)

(8) Superconducting and normal-state anisotropy of the doped topological insulator Sr0.1Bi2Se3, M. P. Smylie, K. Willa, H. Claus, A. E. Koshelev, K. W. Song, W. K. Kwok, Z. Islam, G. D. Gu, J. A. Schneeloch, R. D. Zhong, U. Welp, Scientific Reports 8, 7666 (2018)

(9) Switchable geometric frustration in an artificial-spin-ice-superconductor heterosystem, Yong-Lei Wang, Xiaoyu Ma, Jing Xu, Zhi-Li Xiao, Alexey Snezhko, Ralu Divan, Leonidas E. Ocola, John E. Pearson, Boldizsar Janko and Wai-Kwong Kwok, Nature Nanotechnology 13, 560-565 (11 June 2018)

(10) Parallel magnetic field suppresses dissipation in superconducting nanostrips, Yong-Lei Wang, Andreas Glatz, Gregory J. Kimmel, Igor S. Aranson, Laxman R. Thoutam , Zhi-Li Xiao, Golibjon R. Berdiyorov, Francois M. Peeters, George W. Crabtree, and Wai-Kwong Kwok. PNAS 114, E10274 (2017).

Selected Recent Invited Talks

Vortex Dynamics via In-situ Magnetic Texturing, W. K. Kwok, 17th International Workshop on Vortex Matter in Superconductors, Antwerp, Belgium May 20-25, 2019. 

Guiding Vortex Matter via Magnetic Patterned Structures, W. K. Kwok, 31stInternational Superconductivity Symposium (ISS 2018), Tsukuba, Japan, December 12-14, 2018

Reconfigurable Magnetic Charge Ice for Tailoring Superconducting Vortex Behavior, W. K. Kwok,  Loch Lomond Workshop on Artificial Spin Ice, June 26 – 28, 2017, Scotland, UK

Vortex Studies on a Hybrid Superconducting/Magnetic Spin Ice System, W. K. Kwok, 29th International Superconductivity Symposium (ISS2016), December 13-15, 2016

Towards Critical Current by Design in HTS, W. –K. Kwok, The 4th CAS-DOE/BES Collaboration Workshop on Novel Superconductors, Shanghai China, May 6-8, 2016

rradiation Enhanced Critical Current in High Performance High Temperature Superconductors, Wai –K. Kwok, 11th International Conference on Ceramic Materials Components for Energy and Environmental Applications (CMCEE-11), Vancouver, Canada, (June 14-19, 2015)

Enhancing Superconducting Critical Current by Randomness, Wai -K. Kwok, 15th International Workshop on Vortex Matter in Superconductors, El Escorial, Spain (May 10 – 15, 2015)

Irradiation Effects of Vortex Pinning in High Performance High Temperature Superconductors, Wai –K. Kwok, 27th International Symposium on Superconductivity (ISS2014), Funabori, Tokyo, Japan (Nov. 25-27, 2014)

Irradiation Induced Vortex Pinning in Iron-based Superconductors, W. K. Kwok,  Physics and Applications of Superconducting Hybrid Nano-Engineered Devices 2014, Aug. 31 – Sept. 4, 2014, Santa Maria Castellabate, Italy

Tailored Large Critical Currents in Iron-based Superconductors”, W. K. Kwok, American Physical Society March Meeting, March 2-7, 2014, Denver, Colorado.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling on Superconducting Critical Currents”, Wai Kwok,  2013 MRS Spring Meeting, April 1-5, 2013, San Francisco, CA