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Nuclear Science and Engineering

AI/ML Applications Examples

Multiple engineering problems have been solved using AI/ML in Argonne’s NSE Division in collaboration with diverse industry partners (in particular electric utilities and advanced reactor designers).

The table below showcases a few of the application projects that have been developed at Argonne. Summary descriptions of these representative projects can be reached through the associated hyperlinks. These examples convey the real possibilities for addressing issues of maintenance, operation, and design for both existing commercial reactors and advanced reactors in ways not possible with traditional methods.





Component-Level Health Monitoring

Single-Phase Heat Exchanger



Feedwater Pump-Motor Set


System-Wide Health Monitoring

High Pressure Feedwater System


Performance Prediction

Power Conversion System



Inherent Safety Response



BWR Moisture Carryover


Model-Based Control and Optimization

Advanced Reactor



Integrated Energy System


Upset Recovery

Diagnosis of Fast-Acting Faults



Large Load Rejection Event


Performance Prediction

Surrogate Models


Sensor Set

Sensor Assignment