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Nuclear Science and Engineering

Nuclear Systems Analysis

World-class reactor physics, novel and innovative solutions for advanced reactor development, and high fidelity modeling and simulation.

The Nuclear Systems Analysis Department is committed to delivering world-class reactor physics, novel and innovative solutions for advanced reactor development, state-of-the-art modeling and simulation capabilities, and analysis of nuclear fuel cycle options and economics. Ongoing research includes the development of cleaner, safer, and economical next generation advanced reactors; small and micro-size reactors; high-fidelity multi-physics computation tools; evaluation of nuclear fuel cycle options to provide cost-competitive, waste-minimizing, and highly natural resource-saving nuclear energy systems to our nation; materials and criticality assessment for national nuclear safety and security; and promotion of nuclear energy systems to achieve net-zero emissions economy of the United States.

Focus Areas

  • Design and analysis of advanced nuclear energy systems with various fuel forms and coolants
  • Development of high-fidelity multi-physics reactor modeling and simulation tools
  • Evaluation of nuclear fuel cycle options
  • Economics assessment of nuclear energy systems and their role in evolving electricity markets
  • Advanced reactor safeguards and security
  • Maintenance of Argonne Reactor Computation (ARC) code suite


  • Well-validated and documented fast reactor design and analysis computation suite, which have been used in various fast reactor development and licensing programs
  • High-fidelity multi-physics tools for unstructured-meshed advanced reactor analysis
  • Capabilities of advanced reactor core design, shielding analysis, criticality safety, radiation source term evaluation
  • Nuclear fuel cycle evaluation and screening capabilities, including algorithms for nuclear fuel cycle economics analysis

Research Groups