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Methods Development

The leader in high-fidelity modeling and simulation.

The Methods Development group focuses on developing advanced computational methods and computer codes that are required to accurately and rigorously model and simulate various types of conventional and advanced fission nuclear reactors including fast reactor (FR), molten salt reactor (MSR), high temperature reactor (HTR), light water reactor (LWR), small modular reactor (SMR), micro reactors, test reactors, etc. Ongoing activities include the development and application of high-fidelity-capable neutronics code PROTEUS and its multiphysics simulation capabilities with other physics codes such as SAM, Nek5000, Diablo, ANSYS, Cobra-TF, etc. to simulate, design, and analyze actual nuclear reactors with high confidence. Supporting tools for multigroup neutron and gamma cross section generation, finite element mesh generation, perturbation and sensitivity parameter generation, isotopic depletion calculation, and fuel cycle calculation have been also developed to support and improve the accuracy and usability of the standalone neutronics code and its multiphysics simulation system. Verification and validation of the developed tools is one of our main activities as well, providing high confidence in simulating nuclear reactors of interest.