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Nuclear Science and Engineering Division

Micro-Reactor Design and Analysis

Teaming up with industry to advance micro-reactor designs for remote applications.

Various micro-reactors are under development in the United States based on highly innovative gas-cooled or heat-pipe concepts. Argonne is working with the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE) and industrial partners on micro-reactor design, analyses and modeling. Under the DOE-NE ModSim program, Argonne is working on addressing the challenges and gaps in terms of modeling and simulation for micro-reactors. High-fidelity multi-physics simulations were demonstrated on heat-pipe micro-reactor concepts by coupling Argonne (PROTEUS), and commercial tools (ANSYS) and a heat-pipe code. Finally, Argonne is supporting the design of the Holos-Quad concept under collaboration with HolosGen LLC with support from an ARPA-E MEITNER award and a GAIN-NE Voucher. This project involves detailed neutronic and shielding analyses performed using high-fidelity codes, and developing innovative material solutions to enhance the core performance.