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Chang-ho Lee

Group Manager, Methods Development

Changho Lee is a principal nuclear engineer and manages the Methods Development Group within the Nuclear Systems and Analysis Department.


Changho Lee leads the Methods Development Group in Argonne’s Nuclear Science and Engineering Division, focusing on high fidelity neutronics and Multiphysics simulation tools for advanced nuclear reactor applications. He joined the Division in 2006, developing the multigroup cross section generation code MCC-3, working on VHTR Multiphysics simulation and V&V using DeCART, and having developed the DOE-NE high-fidelity code suite PROTEUS for various reactor applications including FR, MSR, HTR, experimental or test reactors, micro reactors, etc. He received a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from Purdue University in 2001, and prior to Argonne he worked as a senior researcher for Korea Atomic Research Institute (KAERI), as a research scientist for Purdue University and as a senior engineer for Westinghouse Electric company, focusing mostly on neutronics M&S tools as well as code design and analysis for PWRs.