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Transportation and Power Systems

Downloadable Dynamometer Database

Publicly available testing data for advanced technology vehicles

The Downloadable Dynamometer Database (D3) offers publicly available testing data regarding advanced technology vehicles. Derived from independent laboratory testing, the data is intended to enhance the understanding of advanced vehicle technologies for researchers, students, and professionals engaged in energy efficient vehicle research, development and education.

Data from this website can only be used with the following attribution: This data is from the Downloadable Dynamometer Database and was generated at the Advanced Mobility Technology Laboratory (AMTL) at Argonne National Laboratory under the funding and guidance of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)” or using a standard bibliographic reference.

How to Use the D3

Select one of the vehicle types below, and on the resulting page, click on a vehicle image. You will be taken to a page from which data on the selected vehicle may be downloaded.

Understanding How the Data is Generated

This presentation explains how data listed in D3 is generated. The topics covered include the available test facilities, some chassis dynamometer basics, an overview of standard drive cycles, test conditions, instrumentation, and a user guide to D3. Please review this presentation carefully prior to using the data.