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Idling Reduction Technology Solutions for Class 1–8 Vehicles

Formerly called “Compendium of Idling Reduction Equipment for Class 1–8 Vehicles,” this simplified resource is organized by vehicle operators’ stationary-power needs:

  • Idle management
  • Heat only
  • Cooling only
  • Heat, cooling, and power (auxiliary power unit)
  • Power take-off
  • Cargo refrigeration
  • Wayside power/truck stop electrification

For each solution, the table describes applicable vehicle types (light-, medium-, heavy-duty, and trailer), whether the solution is powered by fuel or battery/electricity, and the EPA SmartWay verification status (applicable to heavy-duty vehicles only). Each product includes a hyperlink to the manufacturer for more information.

Uploaded September 2020. To report a new product or an error, please send an e-mail to