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Experimental Operations and Facilities Division

Decommissioning Certificate Program

A new certification program being offered jointly by Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne) and Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU).

Purpose of the Decommissioning Certificate Program

The purpose of this Decommissioning Certificate Program is to provide a formal means to document that an individual has achieved a baseline level of training in the subject of facility/site decommissioning.

General Requirements

  • The program opened for registration on April 1, 2009.
  • Participants are not required to pre-register to participate in the program.
  • Upon completing two core/requisite training courses and one additional elective training course and when it has been verified by the ORAU program coordinators that these requirements have been met, the individual will be issued the Decommissioning Certificate.
  • The ORAU Decommissioning Certificate Program registrar will maintain a database of Decommissioning Certificates issued for the record. It is the participant’s responsibility to submit the TC completion certificates from each of the required training courses to the ORAU contact for inclusion in their tracking database for purposes of tracking completion of requirements for the certificate.

Eligible Participants:

  • Participation is open to any interested participants - domestic or foreign.
  • technical background or other degreed educational background is highly recommended and would be very useful for participants in the program.
  • Fees are just those that would normally be charged for training course attendees. At this time, there are no additional administrative fees from either organization for administering this Decommissioning Certificate Program.

Requisite Courses

Participants must attend the two following core Training Courses (follow the links for details about the courses):

  1. Facility Decommissioning Training Course (offered by Argonne National Laboratory), and
  2. MARSSIM TC (offered by Oak Ridge Associated Universities).

It is recommended to first attend the Facility Decommissioning TC and then the MARSSIM TC.

Elective Training Courses

Participants must select one elective course from the following TCs: