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JOBS Models estimate economic impacts of deploying alternative fuel equipment and infrastructure.

JOBS tools use anticipated dollar flows within an economy to estimate the economic impacts of the installation of alternative technologies, including:

As goods and services required to deploy each of these technologies are bought and sold, employment, earnings, and economic output occur, which in turn generate additional employment, earnings, and economic output — including ripple-effect activity, such as local spending associated with station operation. As shown below, expenditures for on-site equipment spur additional expenditures to produce and deploy that equipment, which in turn spur expenditures by supply chain industries and the workers who fill those jobs.

Within the spreadsheet tools, users define scenarios to estimate economic impacts for individual states, regions, or the United States as a whole. The tools contain default input values, but users can override default data with their own project-specific data for more project-specific results. Each tool contains user instructions.