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Advanced Energy Technologies

Distributed Energy Research Center

Argonne’s Distributed Energy research center provides support for stationary applied technology demonstration.

Argonne’s Distributed Energy Research Center (DERC) allows researchers to develop and demonstrate novel technologies to reduce emissions and improve efficiency of prime movers used in Distributed Energy applications, primarily stationary reciprocating engines and small gas turbines. Since the prime movers are stationary, the emphasis is in efficient conversion of energy from gaseous fuels and renewables such as wind to electricity. The breadth of the work ranges from bench-scale testing through demonstrations on commercial units. The emphasis is on applied technology demonstration that often includes design and operation of large-scale facilities based on strategic partnerships with industrial consortia.

DERC consists of three test cells, described below

Test Cell #1

  • EngineTech RSQ 130i single cylinder engine
    • 33 kW @ 2200 rpm
    • Optical Engine Module
  • DyneSystems 150 hp AC dynamometer
  • CellAssistant Data Acquisition System
  • Multi-ignition Capability
    • Spark
    • Laser (Free Space and Optical Fiber )
    • Compression
    • Pilot-fuel
  • Multi-fuel Capability (Opportunity Fuels)
  • Agilent Micro Gas Chromatograph
  • Turbo Charging Capability
  • Optical Diagnostics
    • Combustion Imaging (AVL Visioscope)
    • Optical Spectrum Analyzer
    • 13 GHz Oscilloscope
    • ICCD Camera System

Test Cell #2

  • Flexible Fuel Turbine System (FFTS). A 65 kw microturbine fueled using synthesis gas from crop-waste.

Test Cell #3

  • Cummins QSK19G six cylinder SI engine
    • 350 kW @ 1800 rpm
  • DyneSystems 623 hp AC dynamometer

Other Equipment

  • Horiba MEXA 7100 gaseous emissions bench
  • Horiba MEXA 6000FT Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy
  • AVL Indicom Combustion Analysis System