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Transportation and Power Systems

Idle Reduction Information

With funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, researchers at Argonne National Laboratory have produced a number of tools to help drivers and businesses characterize the time they idle in order to identify the most cost-effective ways to improve their idling profile. They have also produced a number of informational publications that can be used in local idling reduction campaigns.

Tools for Drivers and Fleet Managers

Argonne has produced spreadsheets and worksheets you can use to calculate your potential savings from reducing the amount of time you idle, which you may access using the links at right.

Tools for Idle Reduction Campaigns

Argonne has worked with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program to produce a series of tools that can be used in local idle reduction campaigns, which you may access using the links at right.

Information About Idling Laws and Campaigns

Many federal, state, and local incentives encourage idle reduction, and more laws are being added all the time. To search for regulations by state, download the U.S. Department of Energy’s IdleBase spreadsheet.

Potential Sources of Funding for Idle Reduction Retrofits

In addition to the sources listed below, some states offer funding incentives and financing programs for idle reduction equipment.