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Transportation and Power Systems Division

Virtual Vehicle - Component-in-the-Loop

Evaluating the impacts of component technology at the system level using virtual vehicles

How do you evaluate unique vehicle configurations without building each vehicle from the ground up? Argonne researchers have developed sophisticated tools that enable creation of virtual” vehicles using a technique called Component-in-the-Loop.

Component-in-the-Loop evaluation allows researchers to study component technologies and their system-level impacts without building and disassembling an entire vehicle each time a component is changed. Argonne engineers can perform prototype component evaluations within a vehicle context (component-focused experiments) and vehicle-level evaluations that require real components (vehicle-focused experiments), which:

  • Permit study of physical components by using a virtual vehicle” (computer model) to simulate controls and drive cycles;
  • Allow for the evaluation of components, such as engines, batteries and motors, as if they are operating in a real vehicle;
  • Provide quick evaluation of energy management, performance thermal losses and emissions; and
  • Shorten research and development time, leading to more rapid commercialization of new technologies.