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monte carlo simulation

Below is a comprehensive list of articles, events, projects, references and research related content that is specific to the term described above. Use the filter to narrow the results further. To explore additional science and technology topics that Argonne researchers and engineers may be working on please visit our Research Index.

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  • Researchers win Best Paper Award at OpenMP conference

    Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Louisiana State University, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory received a Best Paper Award at the 17th International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP 2021).
  • Monte Carlo

    OpenMC is a modern, flexible Monte Carlo particle transport code targeted toward high-performance computing environments.
  • Particle Transport

    Our particle transport research focuses on enabling simulation of physical phenomena with higher fidelity than is currently possible.
  • Hyeondeok Shin

    Physicist & computational scientist with expertise in chemistry, condensed matter physics, & computational physics. He specializes in methods & applications of Density Functional Theory, Quantum Chemistry, & Quantum Monte Carlo for functional materials.
  • Christopher J. Knight

    Christopher’s interests include development of large-scale molecular simulation algorithms and understanding scientific application performance on future computational resources.
  • James C. Osborn

    James specializes in quantum field theory and lattice simulation methods, with an emphasis on lattice QCD.  He also has interests in quantum computing, HPC, sparse linear algebra, applying ML methods to Hybrid Monte Carlo, and random matrix theory.