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Computing, Environment and Life Sciences

Computing, Environment and Life Sciences Research Divisions

Integrating research in the computing sciences, the environmental sciences, and the life sciences.



Argonne’s Biosciences Division seeks to use state-of-the-art technology to conduct multidisciplinary basic research that will increase our understanding of the fundamental molecular mechanisms of life.

Computational Science

The Computational Science (CPS) Division focuses on solving the most challenging scientific problems through advanced modeling and simulation on the most capable computers.
Ramachandran plot of alanine dipeptide.

Data Science and Learning

The Data Science and Learning Division (DSL) tackles advanced scientific problems where data analysis and artificial intelligence can provide critical insights and accelerate discovery.

Environmental Science

Our mission is to perform basic and applied research and assessment that seeks to understand how natural and human-managed environmental systems function and how system components respond to various perturbations.

Mathematics and Computer Science

A leader in the computing sciences, the MCS Division provides the numerical tools and technology for solving some of our nation’s most critical scientific problems.