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Nuclear Science and Engineering Division

Argonne’s Nuclear-Related Facilities

Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

The Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) provides supercomputing capabilities to the scientific and engineering community to advance fundamental discovery and understanding in a range of disciplines.

Advanced Photon Source

The Advanced Photon Source (APS) provides ultra-bright, high-energy storage ring-generated X-ray beams for research in almost all scientific disciplines.

Argonne Tandem Linac Accelerator System

The prime national facility for nuclear structure research, The Argonne Tandem Linac Accelerator System (ATLAS) is the world’s first supercomputing linear accelerator for heavy ions at energies in the vicinity of the Coulomb barrier.

Argonne Liquid Metal Experiment Facility

The ALEX facility is designed for research using liquid metal systems and reaches areas as varied as nuclear physics, material science, and nuclear engineering.

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Advanced analytical chemistry support serving the scientific and engineering programs at Argonne and special analytical needs of the wider scientific community

Intermediate Voltage Electron Microscopy-Tandem

The IVEM-Tandem Facility is used for in situ TEM studies of defect structures in materials under controlled ion irradiation and sample conditions.

Irradiated Materials Laboratory

Conducts research on the behavior of commercial nuclear reactor materials, including fuel cladding, pressure vessels, and other in-reactor components.

Low-Energy Accelerator Facility

A 50 MeV/25 kW electron linear accelerator producing a wide range of radioisotopes for medical, national security, basic science and industrial applications.

Mechanical and Environmental Testing Laboratory (METLab)

The METLab is a suite of testing capabilities used for evaluating mechanical performance of structural materials under various loading, temperature, and environmental conditions.

Mechanisms Engineering Test Loop Facility

Argonne’s METL facility supports development of next-generation components and workforce for sodium fast reactors.

Metal Additive Manufacturing Laboratory

Advancing the fundamental science related to metal AM technologies, innovations in component design, rapid prototyping and performance testing.

Molten Salt Technology Development Facilities

An extensive array of inert atmosphere gloveboxes and supporting equipment for molten salt chemistry and process development.

Natural Convection Shutdown Heat Removal Test Facility

Argonne’s Passive Natural Convection Shutdown Heat Removal Test Facility provides capability to conduct safety experiments in support of modern reactor design.

Non-Destructive Evaluation and Testing Facilities

Over 45 years experience in nondestructive evaluation enables the safe operation of advanced nuclear reactors.

Pyroprocessing Facility

Sustainable Energy through Fuel Recycling. Pyroprocessing R&D activities span the range from fundamental property measurements to pilot-scale processing demonstrations to develop, and engineer innovative and commercially viable processes for nuclear chemical separations.

SNAKE Sodium S-CO2 Interactions Experiment

A fluid mechanics/heat transfer facility examining supercritical-CO2 leakage into sodium to support advanced nuclear reactors and energy conversion systems

Steam Generator Tube Integrity Facilities

The Steam Generator Tube Tube Integrity Facilities are used to validate models for tube performance in pressurized water reactor steam generators.

Thermal Hydraulic Experimental Test Article

THETA is a 450-liter pool-type sodium facility that offers high fidelity experimental data for nuclear reactor systems code development.