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AI technologies applied by Argonne National Laboratory are enabling cutting-edge imaging modalities that will help solve some of the most pressing scientific challenges of our era.

DOE-supported experimental facilities at Argonne, including the Advanced Photon Source (APS), provide access to world-class imaging and physical characterization capabilities for more than 14,000 visiting scientists and engineers annually. The advanced imaging tools and instruments at these facilities probe complex materials and processes, including those underpinning energy technologies and advanced manufacturing. Planned developments, such as the revolutionized high-energy synchrotron light source proposed by the APS Upgrade project that will increase brightness and coherence, will lead to multiple order-of-magnitude increases in data rates and experiment complexity. Because data of this scale is too large and complex for humans to analyze, work is underway to apply and develop advanced machine learning algorithms that can process data at this scale. AI technologies applied to imaging for DOE science will help solve some of our most pressing scientific challenges across the physical, materials, environmental, and life sciences.