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The interconnected nature of globalization presents an increasing number of challenges, uncertainties, and vulnerabilities for supply chains. The transportation, financial, cyber, and human networks that make up supply chains can cross traditional boundaries, which requires them to be responsive and resilient to different physical, regulatory, and social environments.

Argonne scientists and engineers examine supply chains using a variety of methodologies, approaches, tools and techniques, providing meaningful insights and actionable information for key decision makers around the globe. Our analysts apply modeling, simulation, data analytics, and visualization techniques to achieve supply chain objectives such as balancing risk and efficiency, responding to disruptive trends and technologies, optimizing for cost-effective resilience, assessing the consequences of disruptions to complex interdependent supply chains, and addressing the challenges of the digital economy.

ASCA researchers combine tools and techniques with subject matter expertise in physical and biological sciences, nuclear engineering, policy, infrastructure, and social behavior, to strengthen the resilience and efficiency of critical supply chains and strengthen our country’s prosperity and security.

Our core capabilities in supply chain analytics include: