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Argonne maintains a wide-ranging science and technology portfolio that seeks to address complex challenges in interdisciplinary and innovative ways. Below is a list of all articles, highlights, profiles, projects, and organizations related specifically to instrumentation.

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  • Lower-cost microchannel plates for sensing and imaging
    Intellectual Property Available to License
    US patent 9,139,905
    • Microchannel Plate Detector


    The invention is a method and system for fabricating micro-channel plate (MCP) detectors. An anodized aluminum oxide membrane is provided and includes a plurality of nanopores which have an Al coating and a thin layer of an emissive oxide material responsive to incident radiation, thereby providing a plurality of radiation sensitive channels for the micro-channel plate detector.


    By using atomic layer deposition to gain increased control, the invention allows cost-effective, larger-area MCP fabrication. Large-area, fast MCPs could have applications in research, industry, and medicine.  

  • Lower-cost, efficient fabrication of microchannel plates
    Intellectual Property Available to License
    US Patent 10403464B2
    • Method of Making and Using 3D Printed Microchannel Plates


    The invention provides a gain device having a plurality of channels with polygonal shape. The invention also provides a method for producing microchannel plates (MCPs) by of providing a pre-polymer; and directing a laser over the pre-polymer into a pre-determined pattern. This includes a method for efficiently 3D printing an object.


    Microchannel plates have applications in neutron and other detection. A need exists for cheaper and more widely available methods to manufacture larger-scale MCPs. This invention overcomes many of the disadvantages to current MPC manufacture.

  • New tools to combat Chicago’s changing climate

    Climate change is bringing flooding, heat islands and extreme weather to Chicago. An Argonne-led project from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Urban Integrated Field Laboratory will help neighborhoods understand and adapt to the city’s changing climate.
    Researchers Matt Tuftedal and Joe O’Brien install and test instruments at the Argonne Testbed for Multiscale Observational Science (ATMOS) before deploying them in Chicago.
  • ATMOS Projects

    ATMOS is integral to several projects from numerous governmental agencies such as the Department of Energy (DOE), the Department of Defense, and the National Science Foundation.
  • ATMOS Capabilities

    Throughout the multiple zones of the ATMOS site, up to 60 instruments can be deployed. These instruments measure everything from temperature and wind speed, to pressure, soil moisture, and precipitation.