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Argonne National Laboratory

We Are Argonne

The People Behind the Science

Argonne’s people-centered culture supports our world-class community of talent as it accelerates science and technology. Our interdisciplinary teams of science and technology leaders and operations professionals confront the most profound questions facing our nation and world, resulting in innovations that improve lives and protect our environment.

We invite you to explore this webpage to learn more about our values and mission, hear our stories and get to know the people behind the science.

Diverse teams drive discovery

We are dedicated to supporting a safe, welcoming, diverse and inclusive workplace. We value our team members’ authentic selves, perspectives and contributions. Diversity of thought, background and approach drives the development of unique, pioneering solutions.

Every role matters

We are collaborative. We celebrate a people centered culture of excellence, appreciating each role as a crucial part of achieving our scientific mission. Scientists, lawyers, custodians, technicians, architects, administrators, glassblowers — you name it. We all work together to uncover new and inspired answers that we could never have found alone.

Our values move us forward

We are leaders. With creativity and tenacity, we confront the most pressing challenges facing humanity. Our innovative solutions tackle problems today, and our pivotal discoveries lay the foundation for decades of technological advancements that drive U.S. prosperity and security.

We are passionate about our work and community. Argonne pairs curiosity with a sleeves-rolled-up work ethic, and we’re proud of the fact that Chicagoland is our home. We actively extend Argonne’s capabilities and resources to disadvantaged communities, and we are committed to building the workforce of the future.

We are united. We pursue discovery together, and our Core Values underpin everything we do. Each of us drives the mission forward, and we celebrate success as one Argonne team. We assemble the best: world-class operational staff and expert scientists and engineers with a clear sense of purpose to work on the world’s grandest challenges with respect, integrity and teamwork.

Head shot. (Image by Mark Lopez/Argonne National Laboratory.)

Gilberto Fabbris

Assistant Physicist
If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

I work a lot with high pressure experiments where we submit the samples to high pressure. In grad school, my friend and I would always play “Under Pressure” before every experiment!

Richard B. Vilim

Manager, Plant Analysis & Control and Sensors Department
How is your work making the world a better place?

At Argonne we are continually at work trying to better understand the physical world and how we can work within it to improve the human condition and in a sustainable manner.

Marieme Ngom

Postdoctoral Appointee
Who or what inspired you to pursue your career path?

My parents instilled a love for mathematics and science in me early on and that naturally drove me into STEM. Seeing black women with successful careers in research helped me believe that I too could do it.