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Research Highlight | Applied Materials

Fellow Sixbert Muhoza highlighted for green energy dedication

Muhoza, a former Belhaven University student, currently researches materials to advance green energy technologies.

Dr. Sixbert Muhoza, a Walter Massey Fellow at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory in the Applied Materials Division, was recently featured in The Tartan, his alma mater’s, Belhaven University, alumni magazine.  

A chemist graduate from Belhaven, he received a Ph.D. from Wake Forest University before continuing to pursue his passion for research as a fellow at Argonne. Mohoza’s research focuses on studying a class of chemical materials known as MXenes, which hold promise for use in green energy technologies.

The overarching goal of my research work is to develop green energy generation and conversion devices to curb and/or reverse the effect of climate change,” said Muhoza in the article.

Learn more about Muhoza in The Tartan.