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Enhanced electricity system planning and operations for the clean energy transition.

Argonne’s Electricity Markets Team brings together expertise across multiple academic disciplines and draws upon diverse industry experience to tackle some of the most complex challenges facing modern electricity systems.


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Addressing Evolving Electricity Systems

Electricity systems in the United States and around the world are currently undergoing rapid evolution due to numerous factors including:

  • Evolving resource mixes characterizing the clean energy transition
  • Rapid growth in distributed energy resources
  • Emerging energy infrastructure interdependencies
  • Increasingly frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events

This evolution poses a range of technological, economic, policy and organizational challenges that require innovative solutions to ensure reliable, affordable, resilient and equitable supply of electricity throughout the clean energy transition.

Our Expertise

  • Developing advanced power system models to simulate and optimize electricity system operations and planning in response to constantly evolving system conditions.  
  • Quantifying the long-term cost-benefit tradeoffs of evolving wholesale electricity market designs.
  • Ensuring power system reliability, resilience, affordability and equity of access throughout the ongoing transition to a fully decarbonized electricity system.
  • Drawing upon world class computing resources to conduct in-depth data analysis that informs real-world decision making.
  • Transferring knowledge to enhance energy planning in countries around the world, thereby improving energy access in traditionally underserved regions and supporting the global clean energy transition.

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