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Building the Next-Generation Hard X-Ray Light Source

Argonne Outloud Public Lecture

For over two decades, Argonne’s Advanced Photon Source (APS) has produced high-brightness, high-energy X-rays to illuminate the molecular structure and function of materials that comprise nearly every aspect of our lives.  The APS Upgrade, once completed, will increase the brightness of the X-rays provided by orders of magnitude, opening new frontiers of scientific discovery. How will the APS Upgrade deliver X-rays that are more than 500 times brighter than today? And why is this project so important? APS Upgrade Chief Project Officer Jim Kerby will discuss the significance of the APS Upgrade to science and society.

During the reception, a limited number of attendees will have a chance to get a bird’s eye view of the inside of the APS during a guided tour to the APS observation deck. Tours tickets will be handed out on a first first-come, first-served basis inside the APS Conference Center.

Tour Schedule


Complimentary light refreshments will be available. For a heartier meal, food may be purchased at the 401 Grille, next to the lower-level APS Gallery.

OutLoud lectures are free community events.

Registration is required.

When registering for a public event at Argonne all non-U.S. citizens must provide their country of citizenship, and additional processing requirements might apply per U.S. Department of Energy orders. Specific countries may require a several month application process where access cannot be guaranteed. Please see additional information related to the processing of non-U.S. citizens.

Interested But Unable to Attend?

Watch the event on Livestream.

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