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WIST Workshop

Suellen Koppel, founder and president of the Center for Creative Management, will lead this workshop on exploring communication styles. People of all genders, directorates, and career levels are welcome.

Depending on the research you follow, there are three, four, five, or more types of communication styles, each with its own characteristic traits and behaviors. Knowing your communication style, as well as being able to identify the communication styles of others, is a useful skill for navigating our work and personal lives.

Participants will:

  • Get to know thyself: Identify your own preferred communication style
  • Tear down barriers: Recognize effective/ineffective applications of each style
  • Strengthen connections: Target the communication preferences of your contacts
  • Construct a plan: Strategize how to use different styles to improve your relationships

What to bring:

  • Your lunch and a beverage
  • Writing implements
  • An open mind

Registration is required.