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Mathematics and Computer Science

RAPIDS: A SciDAC Institute for Computer Science and Data

Institute to overcome challenges in using DOE supercomputing resources to achieve breakthrough science

The goal of this institute, which we call RAPIDS (a SciDAC Institute for Resource and Application Productivity through computation, Information, and Data Science), is to assist Office of Science (SC) application teams in overcoming computer science and data challenges in the use of DOE supercomputing resources to achieve science breakthroughs. To accomplish this objective, we address computer science and data technical challenges for SciDAC and SC science teams, work directly with SC scientists and DOE facilities to adopt and support our technologies, and coordinate with other SciDAC Institutes and DOE computer science and applied mathematics activities to maximize the benefits to SC science.

RAPIDS is organized around four primary thrust areas.

  • Application engagement and community outreach
  • Data understanding
  • Platform readiness
  • Scientific data management

It focuses on the current and upcoming generation of advanced computing platforms at the DOE facilities. State-of-the-art techniques in software development will be applied so that the software developed and deployed meets the high standards needed to ensure the correctness and performance of DOE science codes.