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Anil Mane

Anil U. Mane


Anil Mane is a Principal Material Science Engineer in Argonne’s Applied Materials Division. He has extensive research and development experience in the field of thin film nanostructure materials growth by ALDCVDPVD and MBE methods, characterization, and integration into nano-devices. He also has over five years of semiconductor industry R&D experience in thin film process development on high-volume 300mm CVD and ALD production tools and material integration.

  • Author of >40 patents, >75 inventions, >130 peer reviewed journals/proceedings papers, and >50 scientific presentations (contributed and invited talks)
  • Winner of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2018 (finalist) R&D 100 awards (known as ​“Oscar of Innovation”) http://​www​.rd100​con​fer​ence​.com/
  • Received 2017 R&D100 Magazine Gold Special Recognition Award
  • Green Tech and R&D Editor’s Choice Award for Mechanical/Materials research for ​“Oleo Sponge”
  • Played 10+ years significant key role in large area ALD-MCPs technology advance project, developed world’s first large form factor (20cm x 20cm) microchannel plates (MCPs) and technology licensed to www​.Incom​.com. Collaborative publications on ALD-MCPs technology are now hit >200 (http://​psec​.uchica​go​.edu/​l​i​b​r​a​r​y​/​d​o​clib/)


Professional Interests:

  • Identify new product development from concept to high volume scale-up to technology transfer for commercialization, project and cost management, improvement of existing products performance, and customer/vender interaction 
  • Atomic precision materials engineering, thin film growth, in-situ thin film growth, surface/interface chemistry, growth kinetics, nanostructure materials characterizations and search for new emerging applications such as energy storage (batteries), Photodetector, MEMS devices, 2D Materials, Nanocomposites, Functional coatings, Sensors, membranes, etc.