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Bruce Hamilton

Program Lead, Global Energy Solutions


Bruce Hamilton is Program Manager of Global Energy Solutions in Argonne National Laboratory’s Energy Systems division. He provides leadership for initiatives designed to deliver measurable benefits to countries, states, and communities in pursuit of sustainable energy and economic development. For the U.S. Department of Energy, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Asian Development Bank, International Atomic Energy Agency, World Bank, and numerous energy companies around the world, Bruce has applied his expertise in systems engineering to resolve priority issues affecting energy infrastructure development, evaluation of operational safety risks, environmental assessment, and creation of sustainable business models for innovative energy technology.

Bruce is a founding Director of the Institute for Sustainable Energy Development and served as Head of Energy Modeling, Databanks and Capacity Building at the International Atomic Energy Agency. He was chief technical consultant for the U.S.-China Smart Grid Dialogue, and facilitated the establishment of a Smart Grid Partnership between Korea and the State of Illinois. He also served as guest editor of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) Power & Energy Magazine, received the Midwest Energy Leadership Award, and is co-author of a book titled Smart Grid: Integrating Renewable, Distributed & Efficient Energy, published by Elsevier.