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John T. Anderson

Electronics Engineer

John specializes in data acquisition, FPGA firmware and circuit board design. His responsibilities include Gammasphere, DFMA & HELIOS at ATLAS and L3 manager for trigger & timing systems in GRETA.


John Anderson has over 35 years of experience in the development of electrical and electronic circuits and systems for both commercial and research use. He is currently the senior electronics engineer in the Low Energy Technical Support group of Argonne National Laboratory’s Physics Division. Mr. Anderson is the Level 3 manager for the Timing and Trigger systems of GRETA, the Gamma-Ray Energy Tracking Array.  He has been with Argonne since 2006; prior to this he was the Associate Department Head for the Electrical Engineering Department at Fermilab and Project Electrical Engineer for the D-Zero experiment.

John has developed analog and digital electronics for experiments in nuclear, high-energy and astrophysics, focusing upon data acquisition and triggering systems, since the 1980s. His skill set includes FPGAs, board-level design, embedded processors, complex printed circuit board layout, triggering systems, grounding and shielding, fiber optic communication and analog-to-digital conversion.  He has previously served on the NIM committee and with the VME International Trade Association, and is currently a member of the FRIB Data Acquisition Working Group. Previous projects include work for experiments & collaborations including LHC-ATLAS, GRETINA, Gammasphere and VERITAS.

He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, after which he immediately entered the workforce.