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Junjing Deng


My research interests center on X-ray coherent diffraction imaging techniques, such as ptychography, and their applications on a variety of interesting problems.


Selected Publications:

1. J. Deng, Y. H. Lo, M. Gallagher-Jones, S. Chen, A. Pryor Jr., Q. Jin, Y. P. Hong, Y. S.G. Nashed, S. Vogt, J. Miao, C. Jacobsen, Correlative 3D X-ray fluorescence and ptychographic tomography of frozen-hydrated green algae,” Sci. Adv. 4, eaau4548 (2018).
2. J. Deng, Y. P. Hong, S. Chen, Y. S.G. Nashed, T. Peterka, A. J.F. Levi, J. Damoulakis, S. Saha, T. Eiles, and C. Jacobsen, Nanoscale x-ray imaging of circuit features without wafer etching,” Phys. Rev. B 95, 104111 (2017).
3. J. Deng, D. J. Vine, S. Chen, Q. Jin, Y. S.G. Nashed, T. Peterka, S. Vogt, and C. Jacobsen, X-ray ptychographic and fluorescence microscopy of frozen-hydrated cells using continuous scanning,” Sci. Rep. 7, 445 (2017).
4. C. Jacobsen, J. Deng, and Y. Nashed, Strategies for high-throughput focused-beam ptychography,” J. Synchrotron Rad. 24, 1078 (2017).
5. Y. S.G. Nashed, T. Peterka, J. Deng, and C. Jacobsen, Distributed Automatic Differentiation for Ptychography,” Procedia Computer Science 108C, 404 (2017).
6. J. Deng, D. Vine, S. Chen, Y. Nashed, Q. Jin, N. Philips, T. Peterka, R. Ross, S. Vogt, and C. Jacobsen, Simultaneous cryo x-ray ptychographic and fluorescence microscopy of green algae,” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 112, 2314 (2015). 
8. J. Deng, Y. Nashed, S. Chen, N. Phililips, T. Peterka, R. Ross, S. Vogt, C. Jacobsen, and D. Vine, Continuous motion scan ptychography: characterization for increased speed in coherent x-ray imaging,” Opt. Express 23, 5348 (2015). 
9. S. Chen, J. Deng, Y. Yuan, C. Flachenecker, R. Mak, B. Hornberger, Q. Jin, D. Shu, B. Lai, J. Maser, C. Roehrig, T. Paunesku, S. Gleber, D. Vine, L. Finney, J. Osinski, M. Bolbat, I. Spink, Z. Chen, J. Steele, D. Trapp, J. Irwin, M. Feser, E. Snyder, K. Brister, C. Jacobsen, G. Woloschak, and S. Vogt, The Bionanoprobe: hard x-ray fluorescence nanoprobe with cryogenic capabilities,” J. Synchrotron Rad. 21, 66(2014). 
10. Y. Nashed, D. Vine, T. Peterka, J. Deng, R. Ross, and C. Jacobsen, Parallel ptychographic reconstruction,” Opt. Express 22, 32082 (2014).