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Lin X. Chen

Argonne Distinguished Fellow

Senior Chemist (Solar Energy Conversion Group) & Professor of Chemistry (Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University)


Lin X. Chen is a Professor of Chemistry in Northwestern University and a Senior Chemist in Argonne National Laboratory.  She received her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. After her postdoctoral research at UC Berkeley, she joined Argonne as a staff scientist.  In 2007, she joined Northwestern University where her research are focused on fundamental light-matter interactions of different solar energy conversion platforms, including excited state molecular structural dynamics in photocatalytic processes and photovoltaic materials; understanding roles of ultrafast and coherent electronic and atomic motions in in photochemical reactions, and functional structural dynamics of biomacromolecules on multiple spatial and temporal scales. Her main tools for research are ultrafast laser and X-ray spectroscopy/scattering and other property/structural methods in collaborations with theorists and chemists making molecules and materials. She was awarded one of the highly cited scientists in 2019 by the Web of Science, with >230 publications, and >200 invited lectures.  She has been members of the Research Council for the Chemical, Biological and Geological Sciences Division, Basic Energy Science, US Department of Energy, the Advisory Editorial Board of Journal of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics Letters, Senior Editor of ACS Energy Letters, Associate Editor of Chemical Science (RSC) and the International Science Advisory Committee for π-Functional Materials.  She is an AAAS Fellow and has won Experimental Physical Chemistry Award from ACS Physical Chemistry Division in 2020. She has been recognized as a highly cited researcher by the Web of Science in 2019, and obtained the distinguished performance award at Argonne.