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Michael P. Kelly

Accelerator Physicist, Group Leader


I have worked in accelerator development in the Physics Division at Argonne National Laboratory since 1999, in large part supporting our group’s decades long aim to develop world leading technology for superconducting ion accelerators, such as ATLAS, and for other U.S. DOE accelerators. Particle accelerators are, of course, among the most important tools enabling discovery science within the DOE and are increasingly important in areas such as medicine and the environment. As a postdoc, I led the effort to develop Argonne’s first systems to process, clean and assemble modern low-beta superconducting cavities. Much of my time at Argonne has focused on the development new SRF structures to bridge the velocity region between early low-beta cavities and elliptical cell cavities for electron accelerators. I served as the principal investigator for SRF activities at Argonne for the International Linear Collider (ILC). Recent work includes the development of a unique SRF system for bunch lengthening at the Advanced Photon Source to increase the lifetime of the electron beam. Through ongoing support from DOE we aim to develop transformative and next generation niobium-tin cavities for future ion accelerators.