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Rachid Amine

Chemistry 2



Rachid Amine is an assistant chemist at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). Since joining ANL in 2013, his research efforts have focused on development of high energy materials and beyond lithium ion technologies.

He previously held R&D engineer position at Enerdel Inc, In this role he worked on Research and development of electrolyte formulations to improve cycle life, high temperature performance and suppression of gas generation in lithium ion batteries. He was responsible of continuous process improvement in developing new cell technologies, processing for electrodes (mixing and coating), scaling up processes from R&D to pilot and manufacturing level, cell manufacturing support, & investigating failure mechanism on both cell and module levels.

Rachid is received his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the university of Illinois at Chicago December of 2020 and his master of science in Chemical Engineering in December of 2009 from Illinois Institute of Technology. Throughout his graduate studies, he worked as a research assistant at Argonne National laboratory. Rachid’s research projects included: synthesis and characterization of high energy and high power materials for automotive application; electrochemical evaluation and thermal characterization lithium ion batteries, safety improvement by surface modification of active materials.


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