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Rinku K. Gupta

Principal Specialist, Research Software Engineering


Rinku Gupta is a Research Software Specialist with over two decades of experience working with scientific research software used on high performance computing platforms. She has several years of experience as a project manager and is responsible for managing large teams and multi-institution-based exascale computing projects.  Ms. Gupta serves as an Editor-in-chief of the Better Scientific Software website (BSSw​.io), which serves as a central hub for the scientific community to address pressing challenges in software productivity, quality, and sustainability.  She is well-known in the area of research software engineering for her leadership, and a recognized figure for her consistent work on promoting the Research Software Engineers (RSE) movement, both within Argonne, as well as the broader supercomputing community.

The overarching theme of Ms. Gupta’s work is to improve high-performance scientific computing software, both directly through research on various aspects of HPC software and ecosystems and indirectly through helping the HPC community develop better scientific software. Major areas of recent work are: (1) researching scientific software sustainability and productivity and (2) researching fault tolerance and resiliency and improving the extreme-scale software ecosystem through improved fault tolerance, resilience, resource, power, and memory management. Her recent well-known research projects include the IDEAS project, Argo project, VeloC checkpointing library, CIFTS coordination framework and CESAR Co-design center.  

Rinku Gupta received her B.E. in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University in 1999 and her M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from Ohio State University in 2002, where she specialized in the area of high performance computing. She also served as a software programmer and analyst at Green Apple, Inc. and later, in 2003,  joined the high-performance computing team at  Dell, Inc. in the capacity of a software design engineer. In 2007 she joined the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne as a senior software developer. Since then, she has been promoted several times as a lead Project Manager, Senior Technical Specialist and Research Software Specialist.

Research Interests

  • Software engineering for Research scientific software
  • Sustainability of scientific software and Improving developer productivity
  • High-performance computing technologies
  • Designing Middleware libraries
  • Fault tolerance in supercomputing