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Robert L. Jacob

Climate Scientist


Robert Jacob is a Climate Scientist in the Environmental Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory and a Scientist in the Argonne-University of Chicago Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering. 

Dr. Jacob received his Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received B. Sc. degrees in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Texas at Austin.   Early in his career, Jacob developed the Fast Ocean Atmosphere Model, one of the first full global climate models to use parallel computing.  He joined the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne in 2000 where he co-developed the Model Coupling Toolkit that is still used in many of the world’s leading climate models.   Dr. Jacob currently leads the Infrastructure Group for Department of Energy’s Energy Exascale Earth System Model.  Throughout his career, he has been strongly involved in the development and application of global climate models. His current interests include applications of high performance computing to scientific problems, urban meteorology and climate and long-term climate change.

Research Interests

  • Internal variability of the climate system
  • Design and construction of climate models
  • Applications of high performance computing.