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Ross Hrubiak



I am a staff scientist at the High Pressure Collaborative Access Team (HPCAT), X-Ray Science Division. My research interest is focused on understanding the melting process of materials at ultrahigh pressure, materials crystal structure at high pressure and high temperature, and high pressure / high temperature physics and chemistry. I develop and make use of experimental techniques such as time-resolved laser delivery systems, fast x-ray diffraction, and scanning x-ray diffraction microscopy for characterization of materials’ phase transitions and melting. I am also responsible for research and development efforts including developing user programs for the HPCAT synchrotron facility, promoting the developed/established techniques to large user communities, and supporting the HPCAT user program.

    Media Highlights


    • 2012 - Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Florida International University, Miami
    • 2007 - B.S., Electrical Engineering, Florida International University, Miami

    Recent Publications

    1. Y. Shu, Y. Kono, I. Ohira, Li, Q., R. Hrubiak, C. Park, … G. Shen (2020). Observation of 9‑Fold Coordinated Amorphous TiO2 at High Pressure. J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 11, 374379.
    2. D. Popov., N. Velisavljevic, W. Liu, R. Hrubiak, C. Park & G. Shen. (2019). Real time study of grain enlargement in zirconium under room-temperature compression across the α to ω phase transition. Scientific Reports, 17.
    3. R. Hrubiak, J.S. Smith, G. Shen. (2019) Multimode scanning x-ray diffraction microscopy for diamond anvil cell experiments. Review of Scientific Instruments (90), 025109.
    4. Y. Wang, R. Hrubiak, S. Turczyński, D.A. Pawlak, et al. (2019) Spectroscopic properties and martensitic phase transition of Y4Al2O9: Ce single crystals under high pressure. Acta Materialia (165), 346-361
    5. M. Kim, R. Hrubiak, J. Smith, C.-S. Yoo. (2019) Thermochemical reactions of Al-based intermetallic composites to AlN. Combustion and Flame (200), 115-124
    6. D. Smith, J.S. Smith, C. Childs, E. Rod, R. Hrubiak, G. Shen, and A. Salamat. (2018) A CO2 laser heating system for in situ high pressure-temperature experiments at HPCAT. Review of Scientific Instruments (89), 083901.
    7. R. Hrubiak, Y. Meng, G. Shen. (2018) Experimental evidence of a body centered cubic iron at the Earth’s core condition. ArXiv:1804.05109 [Physics.Geo-Ph] (2018).
    8. H. Huang, L. Zhu, M. Ward, B. Chaloux, R. Hrubiak, A. Epshteyn, J. Badding, T. Strobel. (2018) Surprising Stability of Cubane Under Extreme Pressure. Physical Chemistry Letters (9), 20312037.
    9. V. S Bhadram, H. Liu, E. Xu, T. Li, V. B Prakapenka, R. Hrubiak, S. Lany, T. A. Strobel. (2018) Semiconducting cubic titanium nitride in the Th3P4 structure. Physical Review Materials (2), 011602.
    10. R. Hrubiak, Y. Meng and G. Shen. (2017) Microstructures define melting of Mo at high pressures, Nature Communications (8), 14562.
    11. S. V. Raju, R. Hrubiak, V. Drozd, S. Saxena. (2017) Laser-assisted processing of Ni-Al-Co-Ti under high pressure. Materials and Manufacturing Processes (32), 1606-1611
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    13. J. Liu, J. Li, R. Hrubiak, J. Smith. (2016) Origins of ultra-low velocity zones through slab-derived metallic melt. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of the America  (PNAS) (113), 5547-5551.
    14. J. Pigott, D. Ditmer, R. Fischer , D. Reaman , R. Hrubiak, Y. Meng, R. Davis , W. Panero. (2015) High-Pressure, High-Temperature Equations of State Using Nanofabricated Controlled-Geometry Ni/SiO2/Ni Double Hot-Plate Samples. Geophysical Research Letters (42) 10239-10247.
    15. R. Hrubiak, S. Sinogeikin, E. Rod, G. Shen. (2015) The laser micro-machining system for diamond anvil cell experiments and general precision machining applications at HPCAT. Review of Scientific Instruments (86), 072202.
    16. Y. Meng, R. Hrubiak, E. Rod, R. Boehler, G. Shen. (2015) Laser-heated diamond anvil cell with in-situ x-ray diffraction at HPCAT: new capabilities and opportunities for research under extreme conditions. Review of Scientific Instruments (86), 072201.
    17. S. Saxena, R. Hrubiak. (2014)  Mapping the Nebular Condensates and the Chemical Composition of the Terrestrial Planets. Earth and Planetary Science Letters (393), 113-119.