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Ryan Sullivan

Assistant Atmospheric Scientist


Dr. Sullivan is an atmospheric scientist in the Environmental Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory. His research integrates in situ field measurements, remote sensing, numerical modeling, and data analytics (e.g., geospatial statistics/time series analysis/machine learning) to better understand atmospheric processes and their impacts on society. These approaches are being used to study:
-Atmospheric composition and chemistry pertaining to urban air quality and climate forcing via radiation scattering/absorbing and cloud-aerosol interactions
-Land-biosphere-atmosphere coupling via turbulent fluxes and their role in weather and climate extremes

Dr. Sullivan is the Lead Instrument Mentor for the Department of Energy’s Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility’s Energy Balance Bowen Ratio (EBBR) systems, Eddy Correlation (ECOR) flux measurement systems, and Surface Energy Balance Systems (SEBS), and Associate Instrument Mentor for the Soil Temperature and Moisture Profile (STAMP) systems.

Dr. Sullivan is PI for AmeriFlux sites US-A10: ARM-NSA-Barrow (doi:10.17190/AMF/1498753) and US-A03: ARM-AMF3-Oliktok (doi:10.17190/AMF/1498752)

2017    Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University
2016    M.S. Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University
2014    M.S. Geological Sciences – Atmospheric Science, Indiana University
2012    B.S. Meteorology, Northern Illinois University
2010    A.S. William Rainey Harper College

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ARM Research Highlight

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ARM Research Highlight

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ARM Research Highlight

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