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Uta Ruett

Physicist, Group Leader

Dr. Ruett is an expert for beamline design and method development using high-energy X-ray diffraction.


Uta Ruett is leading the structural science group (SRS) in the X-ray science division (XSD) at the Advanced Photon Source (APS). The group is operating four beamlines for in situ and operando high-energy X-ray diffraction, and an electro-chemistry lab for the preparation of battery cells. Before joining Argonne, she served as beamline manager leading a team in charge of two experimental stations at PETRA III at DESY (Hamburg, Germany) working on  high-resolution hard-X-ray diffraction and high-energy X-ray surface and interface diffraction. Her research interests are in structural analysis of functional materials during synthesis and operation under realistic conditions involving the development of sample environments. Lately, she is involved in the development of approaches to study the pair distribution of amorphous and nanocrystalline structured functional thin film.


  • Physics, PhD, University of Hamburg (Germany), 1996
  • Physics, Diploma (MSc), University of Hamburg (Germany), 1993