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Xinyu Liu

Energy Systems Analyst


Dr. Liu is an Energy Systems Analyst in the Systems Assessment Center of the Energy Systems and Infrastructure Analysis Division at Argonne National Laboratory. She obtained her PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from the Ohio State University in August 2018. She has worked on several research topics after she joined Argonne:

Feedstock Production: She has developed a framework for farm-level carbon intensity (CI) calculation of biofuel feedstock by leveraging sensor and survey data, and she is currently leading the development of the FeeDstock Carbon Intensity Calculator (FD-CIC) tool (https://​greet​.es​.anl​.gov/​t​o​o​l​_​f​d_cic), aiming to help stakeholders understand the impacts of farming inputs and land management practices on feedstock CI and incentivize policies to support sustainable, low-carbon farming practices.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production: She is an active member of the U.S. delegation to International Civil Aviation Organization’s Fuel Task Group and is actively engaged in GREET Aviation Module development (https://​greet​.es​.anl​.gov/​g​r​e​e​t​_​a​v​i​ation).

Hydrogen and Ammonia Production: She has applied life cycle analysis and techno-economic analysis technique to assess the environmental impacts and economical feasibility of producing hydrogen and ammonia via alternative technologies.

Alternative Vehicle Technology: She has experiences working with various vehicle technologies - internal combustion engine vehicle, battery electric vehicle, and fuel cell electric vehicle - and with vehicles from different duty classes, e.g. light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty. She is leading the annual update of the Medium & Heavy Duty Module in the GREET model.