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Energy Storage

The challenge of creating new advanced batteries and energy storage technologies is one of Argonne’s key initiatives.

By creating a multidisciplinary team of world-renowned researchers, including partners from major corporations, universities, Argonne and other national laboratories, we are working to aid the growth of the U.S. battery manufacturing industry, transition the U.S. automotive fleet to plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles and enable greater use of renewable energy.

We develop more robust, safer and higher-energy density lithium-ion batteries, while using our fundamental science capabilities to develop storage materials that dramatically increase storage capacity and power densities. By increasing battery lifetimes and range, Argonne researchers are paving the way for the more widespread adoption of sustainable and efficient transportation technologies. Argonne’s all-encompassing battery research program spans the continuum from basic materials research and diagnostics to scale-up processes and ultimate deployment by industry.

The Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR), headquartered at Argonne, seeks to develop new technologies that move beyond lithium-ion batteries and store at least five times more energy than today’s batteries at one-fifth the cost — and to achieve this objective within five years. JCESR is a new paradigm for battery research and development, integrating discovery science, battery design, research prototyping and manufacturing consultation in a single, highly interactive organization.