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Physical Sciences and Engineering

Physical Sciences and Engineering Research Divisions


Argonne’s Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE) Directorate houses scientists in five research divisions as well as many researchers who play a key role in Argonne’s battery hub, the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research.


    Chemical Sciences and Engineering

    The mission of the Chemical Sciences and Engineering division is to provide the nation with breakthroughs in understanding chemical transformations, energy storage and energy conversion by taking advantage of our unique and world-leading capabilities.

    High Energy Physics

    Research in the High Energy Physics division is driven by the goal of understanding the fundamental constituents of matter and energy, and illuminating the ultimate nature of space and time.

    Materials Science

    The Materials Science division emphasizes the study of the structure and function of novel materials to solve America’s energy challenges.

    Nanoscience and Technology

    The Nanoscience and Technology division at Argonne National Laboratory hosts the Center for Nanoscale Materials, a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science user facility, in addition to performing world-class nanoscience.


    The mission of the Physics division is to understand the origin, evolution and structure of baryonic matter in the universe – the matter that makes up stars, planets and human life itself.