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Physical Sciences and Engineering

Awards & Recognition

PSE is honored to be recognized and awarded for its cutting edge science and technology achievements as well as its diverse thought leaders.


2017 Herman Pines Award Peter Stair
2017 Argonne Distinguished Fellow David Tiede
2017 DMP Post-Doctoral Travel Award  Matthias Benjamin Jungfleisch
2017 DMP Post-Doctoral Travel Award  Junjie Zhang
2017 2017 TechConnect National Innovation Award Anirudha Sumant
2017 Argonne Distinguished Fellow Tijana Rajh
2017 AAAS Fellow John Arrington
2016 Gold Spot Award Rachel Klet
2016 Outstanding Postdoctoral Mentor Award Sang Soo Lee
2016 Distinguished Performance Award Albert Wagner
2016 Pinnacle of Education Award Sarah Soltau
2016 Helmholtz International Fellow Award  Linda Young
2016 Argonne Distinguished Fellow Lynda Soderholm
2016 R&D 100 Award Di-Jia Liu
2016 International Battery Association Early Career Award Jason Croy
2016 Special Tribute Honoring Seminal Contributions Lawrence Harding, Joe Michael, Albert Wagner 
2016 Named as a Top Reviewer Lawrence Harding
2016 Emmy Noether Fellow Radja Boughezal
2016 Postdoctoral Performance Awards Joseph Grange
2016 Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) Award Radja Boughezal and Frank Petriello
2016 James G. McGroddy Award for New Materials Mercouri Kanatzidis
2016 American Chemical Society Inorganic Chemistry Award Mercouri Kanatzidis
2016 Machot Award Mercouri Kanatzidis
2016 President’s International Fellowship Axel Hoffmann
2016 Honorary Professor David Awschalom
2016 National Public Radio Golden Mole Award David Awschalom
2016 Director’s Award Peter Baldo
2016 Argonne Distinguished Fellow John Mitchell
2016 ACNS Outstanding Student Poster Presentation Prize Matthew Krogstad
2016 APS Fellow Mercouri Kanatzidis
2016 Samson Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation Mercouri Kanatzidis
2016 Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellowship Roland Willa
2016 Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellowship Kristen Willa
2016 Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences Michael Wasielewski
2016 American Institute of Chemists, Chemical Pioneer Award Michael Wasielewski
2016 The Inaugural Postdoctoral Performance Award in Basic Science Saehwan Chun
2016 APL Materials Excellence in Research Award Yaohua Liu
2016 Honorary Mention, Outstanding Postdoc Award  Matthias Benjamin Jungfleisch
2016 Early Career Investigator Award, IEEE Magnetics Society Wei Zhang
2016 MRS 2016 Fall Meeting Poster Award Winners  Avik Halder
2016 Honorary Mention, The Inaugural Postdoctoral Performance Award in Basic Science Matthias Benjamin Jungfleisch
2016 2016 TechConnect National Innovation Award Anirudha Sumant
2016 Best Postdoctoral Fellow Presentation Award Badri Narayanan
2016 2016 UChicago Argonne, LLC Board of Governors Pinnacle of Education Award Nathan Guisinger
2016 2016 Outstanding Postdoctoral Supervisor Award Maria Chan
2016 Excellence in Technology Transfer Award  Andreas Roelofs
2016 APS Fellow Gary Wiederrecht
2016 Member of the Second Cohort of the Secretary’s Energy Sciences Leadership Group (ESLG) at the US Department of Energy Seth Darling
2016 Argonne Distinguished Fellow Robert Wiringa
2016 Distinguished Service Award,  Don Geesaman
2016 Patent Award Jerry Nolen
2016 Fellow of the American Association of the Advancement of Science.  John Arrington
2016 Egretha Award Maria Curry-Nkansah
2015 Outstanding Service Award Deborah Vervack
2015 Pinnacle of Education Award Daniel Abraham
2015 E. V. Murphree Award in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Michael Thackeray
2015 Best Postdoctoral Fellowship Talk at ACS Meeting Sarah Soltau
2015 Early Career Award Peter Winter
2015 Gruber Cosmology Prize John Carlstrom
2015 American Physical Society Fellow James Proudfoot
2015 Gold Medal of Vedransky  Alexei Abrikosov
2015 Abrisokov Prize in Vortex Physics Alexei Koshelev
2015 Renewable Energy Prize Mercouri Kanatzidis
2015 Chair, Materials Physics John Mitchell
2015 Chair-elect, GMAG Suzanne te Velthuis
2015 MRS Medal Mercouri Kanatzidis
2015 Amer. Physical Soc. Fellow Suzanne te Velthuis
2015 Amer. Physical Soc. Fellow Olle Heinonen
2015 President, Neutron Scattering Society of America Stephan Rosenkranz
2015 Outstanding Researcher Award of the AVS Prairie Chapter Axel Hoffmann
2015 Frontier Scientist Seungbum Hong
2015 Argonne Early Career Award Charudatta Phatak
2015 ENI Award - Renewable Energy Prize Mercouri Kanatzidis
2015 DeGennes Prize Mercouri Kanatzidis
2015 Elected Fellow Mercouri Kanatzidis
2015 Farrel W. Lytle Award Paul Fuoss
2015 Chapman Lecturer David Awschalom
2015 Thomson Reuters/ISI Highly Cited Researcher  David Awschalom
2015 Ph.D. Achievement Award 2015 Avik Halder
2015 Distinguished Performance Award Tijana Rajh
2015 Outstanding Service Award Bruce Stockmeier
2015 Board of Governors Pinnacle of Education Award Volker Rose
2015 Outstanding Project Team Award for AIHA Nanotechnology Working Group Bruce Stockmeier
2015 Jin-Au Kong Award for Best Doctoral Thesis in Electrical Engineering Jianqiang Lin
2015 IEEE Roger A. Haken Best Student Paper Award Jianqiang Lin
2015 Fellow, Institute of Molecular Engineering Fellow Daniel Lopez
2015 Industrial Applications in Physics Prize Supratik Guha
2015 Fellow of the American Physical Society Supratik Guha
2015 Fellow of the Materials Research Society Supratik Guha
2015 Member of the National Academy of Engineering  Supratik Guha
2015 Bruce Winstein Prize Richard Parker
2015 DiscoverE Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day Award Maria Power
2015 Thousand-Talent Professorship Zheng-Tian Lu
2015 Early Career Thousand-Talent Professorship Wei Jiang
2015 2015 Brightness Award  Richard Vondrasek
2015 International Famous Teacher Craig Roberts
2015 High-end Foreign Experts Program Ian Cloet
2015 Pinnacle of Education Award Maria Curry-Nkansah
2015 Laboratory Director’s Award Christine McGhee, Noreen Sorensen, Debi O’Rourke
2014 UChicago Pinnacle of Education Award Mike Kaminski
2014 UChicago Pinnacle of Education Award Seth Darling
2014 R&D 100 Award John Zhang
2014 R&D 100 Award Ani Sumant
2014 Bernard Lewis Gold Medal Lawrence Harding
2014 HENAAC Luminary Honoree Emilio Bunel
2014 Fermilab/URA Outstanding Thesis Award Joseph Grange
2014 UChicago Argonne LLC Distinguished Performance Award Igor Aronson
2014 UChicago Argonne LLC Distinguished Performance Award Oleksiy Snezhko
2014 UChicago Argonne LLC Distinguished Performance Award Craig Roberts
2014 UChicago Argonne LLC Outstanding Service Award Urs Geiser