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Feature Story | Argonne National Laboratory

ALCF Intrepid 100-TF BG/P System Goes Live

Intrepid, a 100-teraflops (TF) IBM Blue Gene/P system, is now available for production use at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF). The system is being used primarily for scientific and engineering computing. The vast majority of the usage is for 2008 DOE INCITE awardees.

Intrepid has 8,196 quad-core nodes (32,768 processors) and 16 terabytes of memory. BG/P compute nodes are each connected to multiple inter-node networks, including a high-performance, low-latency 3D-torus, a highly scalable collective network, and a fast barrier network. GPFS provides a robust and stable home directory file system as well as the parallel input/output data file system. The system’s peak performance is 111 TF.

Intrepid will undergo a significant upgrade for 2009, reaching 40,960 quad-core nodes (163,840 processors) and 80 terabytes of memory. Peak performance will be 556 teraflops.