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The following Argonne scientists and engineers are available as information resources for media. For assistance in scheduling interviews, contact the Argonne Media Team at media@​anl.​gov.

Discipline Expert
Advanced Photon Source (APS)
APS, APS Upgrade Laurent Chapon
APS Upgrade Jim Kerby
Life sciences, structural biology Bob Fischetti
Biology/infectious diseases Karolina Michalska
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Supercomputing
AI, exascale computing, autonomous discovery Rick Stevens
Performance analysis and modeling of parallel, scientific applications Valerie Taylor
Deputy Division Director, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility Jini Ramprakash
Argonne Leadership Computing Facility Katherine Riley
Autonomous Discovery
Autonomous discovery, physical sciences, nuclear physics Kawtar Hafidi
AI, advanced computing Ian Foster
Li-ion and beyond Li-ion batteries, partnerships  Venkat Srinivasan
Li-ion and beyond Li-ion batteries, JCESR, partnerships Shirley Meng
Li-ion battery recycling, ReCell Center Jeff Spangenberger
Li-ion battery recycling, ReCell Center Jessica Durham Macholz
Energy storage on the power grid Sue Babinec
Recycling of batteries and other energy-intensive materials Linda Gaines
Climate and Environmental Sciences
Atmospheric climate disruption Scott Collis
Plastics recycling and upcycling Max Delferro
Transportation, vehicle technology Don Hillebrand
Carbon economy, GREET Model Michael Wang
Hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric vehicles, GREET Model Amgad Elgowainy
Carbon economy, GREET Model Jarod Kelly
Energy and emission impacts of advanced vehicle and fuel and mobility technologies Yan (Joann) Zhou
Biofuels, urban/agricultural environmental improvement Cristina Negri
Earth sciences, ecology/soil science Julie Jastrow
Energy security, critical infrastructure resilience Duane Verner
Hydrogen technology, fuel cells Deborah Myers
Solar conversion Karen Mulfort
High energy physics/cosmology, expansion of the Universe Katrin Heitmann
Cosmology, South Pole telescope Lindsey Bleem
COVID-19 Research
Agent-based modeling of disease spread Chick Macal
Tracking COVID-19 in wastewater Sarah Owens
Crisis Response
National Analytics Preparedness Center Kyle Pfeiffer
Crisis Preparedness Carmella Burdi
Electron-Ion Collider
Electron-Ion Collider Zein-Eddine Meziani
Materials manufacturing, process development, and scale-up Greg Krumdick
New materials for manufacturing Santanu Chaudhuri
Thin film deposition, nanomaterials synthesis, and hybrid small-scale devices development Yuepeng Zhang
Bioenergy and bioproducts production, water treatment, manufacturing Meltem Urgun-Demirtas
Separations processes, enabling battery recycling and biofuel production Lauren Valentino
Materials Science
Division Director, Materials Science Division Amanda Petford-Long
Nanoscience and Technology
Director of the Center for Nanoscale Materials and the Nanoscience and Technology division Ilke Arslan
Nuclear Science and Engineering
Nuclear science and engineering Temi Taiwo
Nuclear science and engineering Roger Blomquist
Nuclear plant decommissioning Larry Boing
Nuclear Technologies and National Security
Associate Laboratory Director for Nuclear Technologies and National Security Kirsten Laurin-Kovitz
Associate Laboratory Director for Nuclear Technologies and National Security Allison Bennett Irion
Quantum Science
Quantum science, Q-NEXT David Awschalom
Quantum science, Q-NEXT Joe Heremans
Quantum science Michael Norman
Radioisotope Discovery
Radioisotope research Jerry Nolen
Mo-99 Peter Tkac
Water and AI
Materials for water Junhong Chen
Molecular engineering, advanced materials for cleaning water Seth Darling