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Deborah J. Myers

Senior Chemist, Group Leader

Deborah Myers leads the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Materials Group in the Catalysis and Energy Conversion theme of Argonne’s Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division.


Deborah Myers leads the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Materials Group in the Catalysis and Energy Conversion theme of Argonne’s Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division.

Her research focuses on materials development and characterization to improve the durability, lower the cost, and reduce the size and weight of fuel cell power and hydrogen production systems, including the following projects:  platinum group metal-free electrocatalysts for for polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC) and alkaline electrolyte water electrolyzers, PEFC cathode electrocatalyst degradation mechanisms, in situ X-ray studies of polymer electrolyte fuel cell cathode electrocatalysts, and studies of PEFC membrane-electrode assemblies for transportation applications.  She is the co-lead of the multi-national laboratory DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office’s ElectroCat (Electrocatalysis consortium) which focuses on the development of platinum group metal-free PEFC and alkaline electrolyte water electrolyzer catalysts. She is also the Deputy Director of H2NEW (H2 from the Next-generation of Electrolyzers of Water), a consortium focused on improving the economics of hydrogen via electrolysis and the Deputy Director for Materials Development in M2FCT (Million Mile Fuel Cell Truck), a consortium focused on developing PEFC systems for heavy duty applications.   


  • Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL, 1989
  • B.A., Chemistry, Knox College, Galesburg, IL, 1984

Awards, Honors, and Memberships

  • Argonne National Laboratory Team Impact Award for Enhancing Argonne’s Reputation by presenting to distinguished visitors (2023)
  • University of Chicago Board of Governors Distinguished Performance Award for fuel cell and electrolyzer materials development and characterization (2022)
  • Elected Fellow of the Electrochemical Society for pivotal discoveries and leadership in electrochemical energy conversion and hydrogen production (2022)
  • DOE Hydrogen Program R&D Award for the Electrocatalysis consortium (ElectroCat) (2020)
  • Argonne National Laboratory Director’s Award, In recognition of the contribution to the ElectroCat Consortium bringing Argonne to the forefront of high-throughput experimentation (2017)
  • Argonne National Laboratory Pacesetter Award, In recognition of efforts that led to the Fuel Cell Technologies Office awarding Argonne the ElectroCat Energy Material Network consortium (2016)
  • U.S. Car Award for the Fuel Cell Technology Team (2011)
  • DOE Hydrogen Program R&D Award for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Water-Gas Shift Catalyst Research & Development (2004)
  • Argonne National Laboratory Pacesetter Award for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Research & Development (2004)
  • DOE National Laboratory Fuel Cell R&D Award for Autothermal Fuel Processing Technology for Automotive Fuel Cells (2000)

Publications & Patents

  • Over 100 publications, 2 book chapters, over 12,000 citations (twenty-eight publications with more than 100 citations, including one with more than 3,500 citations), and 49 invited presentations.
  • U.S. Patents: 8

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