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Feature Story | Argonne National Laboratory

Global Immersive Virtual Anatomy Classrooms

Several members of staff from the School of Computer Science, and Colleagues from School of Medicine, Health Park took part in a Global Immersive Virtual Anatomy class on Wednesday 16th April. 7.309.30 pm. Held by The University of Chicago and broadcast using the AccessGrid the lesson used views of the Virtual Human data set to allow local colleagues to participate in the Anatomy Lecture given by Jonathan Silverstein M.D. Chicago University.

Cardiff Participants were from the School of Computer Science, Professor N. Avis, M. Daley, A. Al-Saidi and Dr D. Tsaneva and from the School of Medicine (Radiography): Dr P. Brown, K Williamson.

Jonathan Silverstein and Fred Dech have been testing the software for the past couple of years and is currently giving regular 2 hour lectures Monday’s and Wednesday’s. His students are currently viewing the images in 3D.

This was a very successful experiment and we are looking forward too taking part in another lecture shortly, we will hopefully be receiving 3D data in the next trial.