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Argonne National Laboratory

Climate Risk and Resilience Studies

Climate change is impacting U.S. companies, federal agencies, state and local governments, and communities throughout the United States and across the globe. Extreme events — from hurricanes and wildfires to drought and flooding — are causing billions in damages and more frequent interruptions to critical systems and communities.

Despite their growing interest in preparing for these changes, decision makers lack access to the most updated and relevant scientific tools, models, and resources to make the most informed decisions about their specific climate risks.

Argonne delivers actionable climate information using cutting-edge science

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory is a leader in next-generation climate science and modeling and in combining these capabilities with a vast array of scientific and engineering expertise to inform decisions and enable action. Led by continuously evolving, cutting-edge earth system science and scientific tools, we pursue ever-increasing model resolution, precision, and accuracy. Our expertise and resources include:

  • Supercomputers that process vast amounts and varieties of climate model data to generate high-resolution climate impact projections 
  • Scientific expertise that draws directly from fundamental science research and a deep understanding of Earth’s complex and interacting systems
  • Engineers and modelers who understand impacts to infrastructure, supply chains, and other community systems
  • Localized climate modeling (neighborhood-level scale) that uses physics-based, dynamic downscaling to incorporate hyper-local information (e.g. topography, land cover, and surface water)
  • Decision science and resilience/risk analysis expertise that ensures that climate and modeling outcomes align with community, business, and engineering goals

Thriving in a changing world

Argonne’s holistic climate research approach — from scientific discovery to real-world applications — provides the basis for more informed decision-making and preparedness by organizations and communities throughout the U.S.