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Argonne National Laboratory

Combatting Climate Change

Delivering science and technology solutions that build a clean energy economy, mitigate climate change, and create resilient communities.

The world is at a critical point in the fight against climate change. Adapting to and averting the worst effects of climate change constitutes a grand challenge – an urgent need with implications for the planet, natural ecosystems and human civilization.

For decades, Argonne has delivered breakthrough innovations that combat both the causes and the effects of climate change. In partnership with universities and companies across the country, Argonne researchers help the United States build a clean energy economy, reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and support communities as they seek to build resilience to the increasing effects of climate change.

At Argonne, more than 1,400 scientists and engineers leverage the latest experimental and computational tools to advance discovery in clean energy, advanced batteries, climate simulation modeling, energy efficiency, sustainable fuels, carbon capture and storage and more. Our major scientific facilities, including the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility and Advanced Photon Source, support thousands of researchers from around the world.

Together with our colleagues and counterparts around the globe, Argonne researchers are transforming the energy system and building the technology for a resilient, sustainable, clean-energy future for coming generations.

Areas of Focus

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