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Argonne National Laboratory

Technical Assistance in Decarbonization

Argonne helps local, regional and global partners explore and deploy strategies to decarbonize transportation, electricity generation, buildings, energy-intensive industries and agriculture.


  • Policies for public-fleet procurement
  • Low-carbon fuel standards to drive deployment of low-carbon fuels and zero-emissions vehicles
  • Joint RD&D for electric vehicle (EV) interoperability and grid integration
  • Modeling and analysis to optimize grid integration of charging infrastructure


  • Policies and standards for material efficiency
  • Joint RD&D and testing for hydrogen (H2) for heat and asfeedstock production
  • Modeling and analysis to determine electrification opportunities


  • Policies for finance availability
  • Codes and standards for appliances and buildings performance
  • Demonstration of technologies at building-, ​stock-, and community level
  • Workforce development for operators of net-zero buildings at scale​

Carbon Capture and Geologic Storage

  • Integrated assessment modeling to identify economic pathways to emissions reductions
  • Implementation of tools and practices for management, monitoring, validation, and accounting
  • Technical and market development to create value from CO2 ​waste streams​


  • Analysis and road mapping to evaluate technologies for different power-sector applications​
  • Policies and regulations for business model and market development
  • Workforce development to facilitate knowledge-sharing and best practices around emerging technologies


  • Grid modernization infrastructure and operational tools​
  • Policies and best practices for grid planning and system operation​
  • Modeling and analysis for grid integration and electricity market design
  • Deployment of renewables and solutions for driving higher penetrations